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How to become tutorThis page is designed specifically for private teachers, tutors in Boulkiemde Province, Burkina Faso For registration select your town from the list below.

You will then be directed to your town registration form. If you choose online turoring and fill your form in English, your profile will be published for students in 50 thousand cities across the globe.

Tutor sign-up form for Boulkiemde State, Burkina Faso    tutor sign-up form for Boulkiemde state, Burkina Faso

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Bonjour. I am Rebecca, I have 3 friends who a Afghani refugees who are living in Noyon. They need French lessons and I am more than happy to pay for them. Please can you let me know if you are interested. I have been volunteering in the Jungle, Calais, this is how I met them. They are great men and really want to move forward with their lives after deciding to claim asylum in France. Thank you Regards



Hi, I am contacting you on behalf of my daughter Sarah Karam who is currently in her second semester of her first year at Sciences Po. Sarah's program is 3 years in Political Sciences. We are looking for a tutor/coach to help Sarah for the remainder of this semester (finals are in 6 weeks) and for next year. Courses where help is needed: Economics, law, political theory. Preferences is for someone who can meet Sarah in person usually but on line help can also be considered. Please let us know urgently if this suits you, your availability usually (morning, night, weekend etc...) and when we can start. Thanks for replying urgently.
Dona and Sarah Karam

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